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The Art of Loving Charity Fund

At Ar7seven Foundation Inc We understand that culture is something unique, and its conservation is everything to preserve the intrinsic value of creating exhibition spaces and events, we are governed by the strength of dedicated and selfless work that allows us to help others through culture, talent and the art of love for the other.

Support to the Latin American artist

The basic reason for being of the Foundation is to support artists so that they can carry out their work, and especially those capable of creating a relevant work.

Accompaniment to the infant

Through the collection of donations of works of art, made at art events, we support the creation of spaces for the child population of our area of influence in the state of Texas.

Art for the older adult

We accompany the elderly in their golden years, keeping the youth of their minds with the implementation of pedagogy of artistic expression.

Eventos y noticias recientes

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Supporting Latin American art and bringing love to our town.



Organized Events

What We Do and What We Are

Ar7seven Foundation is a non-profit organization

It was created with the aim of using culture, talent and art as a means to create opportunities. Allowing us to be support in the expression of Latin American culture as a fundamental contribution to the emotional and psychosocial accompaniment of children, adolescents and older adults in situations of vulnerability (Immigrants, street children, down syndrome, autistic, Alzheimer’s)

Our Mission

Ar7seven Foundation inc works and will work so that culture is not left alone, so that it is understood that it is part of a whole movement that believes in the dignity of talent as the maximum expression of the human being, and that feels proud to be part of it. a new generation of artists dedicated to making their talent the most worthy task of their lives and bringing happiness to children, adolescents and the elderly.

Our Vision

Ar7seven Foundation Inc projects itself as an international organization that seeks to develop and implement the application of culture as a means of collective expression for Latin American artists in the world.

We seek to promote a better quality of life for artists from Latin American countries, while directing international support to different institutions for the development of talent and culture.

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By this means you can channel any queries and suggestions you have about our foundation and our digital transformation projects. You will also have the possibility to be part and collaborate in different ways.

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